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What is TOEFL

TOEFL is a standardized test to measure the English language ability of non-native speakers wishing to enrol in English-speaking universities.The test is accepted by many English-speaking academic and professional institutions.
TOEFL is one of the two major English-language tests in the world, the other being the IELTS.

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The four parts of the TOEFL test


• The TOEFL iBT test is scored on a scale of 0 to 120 points.

• Each of the four sections (Reading, Listening, Speaking, and Writing) receives a scaled score from 0 to 30. The scaled scores from the four sections are added together to determine the total score.

• The reading and listening sections are tested first, followed by a ten-minute break. The speaking and writing sections are then completed following the break. A maximum amount of 203 minutes is allowed to complete the whole exam process.

• Each speaking question is initially given a raw score of 0 to 4, with 1-point increment, and each writing question is initially given a raw score of 0.0 to 5.0, with 0.5-point increment. These scores are converted to scaled scores of 0 to 30.

  • Listening
  • Writing
  • Speaking
  • Reading

It consists of 2-3 conversations with 5questions each, and 5-7 lectures with 6 questions each.
• The conversations involve a student and either a professor or a campus service provider.
• The lectures are a self-contained portion of an academic lecture, which may involve student participation and does not assume specialized background knowledge in the subject area.
• Each conversation and lecture passage are heard only once. Test-takers may take notes while they listen and they may refer to their notes when they answer the questions.
• The listening questions are meant to measure the ability to understand main ideas, important details, implications, relationships between ideas, organization of information, speaker purpose and speaker attitude.

The Writing section measures a test taker's ability to write in an academic setting and consists of two tasks: Integrated and Independent.
• In the integrated task, test-takers read a passage on an academic topic and then listen to a speaker discuss it. The test-taker then writes a summary about the important points in the listening passage and explains how these relate to the key points of the reading passage.
• In the independent task, the test-taker must write an essay that states their opinion or choice, and then explain it, rather than simply listing personal preferences or choices. Responses are sent to the ETS OSN and evaluated by at least 3 different accessors.

The Speaking section consists of 4 tasks: 1 independent (Task 1)and 3 integrated (Task 2, 3, 4).
• In task 1, test-takers answer opinion questions on familiar topics. They are evaluated on their ability to speak spontaneously and convey their ideas clearly and coherently.
• In task 2 and 4, test-takers read a short passage, listen to an academic course lecture or a conversation about campus life and answer a question by combining appropriate information from the text and the talk.
• In task 3, test-takers listen to an academic course lecture and then respond to a question about what they heard.
• In the integrated tasks, test-takers are evaluated on their ability to appropriately synthesize and effectively convey information from the reading and listening material. Test-takers may take notes as they read and listen and may use their notes to help prepare their responses.
• Test-takers are given a short preparation time before they have to begin speaking. The responses are digitally recorded, sent to ETS's Online Scoring Network (OSN), and evaluated by three to six.

; It consists of 3-4 passages of academic topics and has about 10 questions.
• This section requires understanding of rhetorical functions, cause and effect, compare and contrast and argumentation.
• The new format of iBT requires the students to fill out tables or completing summaries. Prior knowledge of the subject under discussion is not required for

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